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Multi-Use Main Arena

Our largest arena is divided into two sections. 


The small section is approximately 60' x 120" and is ideal for training green horses and beginner riders.

The larger section is approximately 140' x 120' and is an ideal shared multipurpose arena.  Both surfaces have recently been rock picked, had material added and are harrowed regularly.

Dressage Arena

Our dressage arena is now enclosed with medium duty fencing panels making it suitable for lessons, bookings, clubs, events, etc.  We may call it the 'dressage' arena, but this 120' x 190' foot space has appropriate footing for low level jumping, and many other performance disciplines.  It does however now come equipped with appropriate dressage dimensions marked.  Please note: we do not allow longing in this arena.


Day Use Stabling

We currently have a few day use pens with shelters available.  Built new in summer 2022, we have 5 completed with 3 more to come in 2023.

These pens are ideal for short term stays while horses are visiting, in training, or staying for an event.

Horseback Riding


Limited ground poles, barrels, and cones are available at this time.   

Stay tuned for the arrival of additional poles, jump standards and basic obstacles.


Riding 4 Life.png

Haul-ins, outside instructors & other professionals

As we continue making improvements to our facility, we're able to meet more of the needs of our surrounding horse community.  Our intention is to support a diverse and active horse community including clubs, owners, instructors, and a wide range of service providers who keep our community growing and thriving.  We encourage haul-in use of our facilities and offer a monthly pass to those who are 'frequent riders' so to speak.  Outside instructors are welcome to book arenas and meet their clients here as well as teach our boarders (subject to visitor charge) as long as they have a copy of their liability insurance on file.



We are now planning events for 2024.  Watch for clinics, seminars, and schooling show opportunites.

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