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The Feedway is a locally owned and operated family business that offers high quality animal feed. We feed em all, big or small: chicken, horse, sheep, goat, pig, llama, pigeon, duck, dog, cat and more!

And now we house and host some of them too!

We also provide Straw, shavings and hay…oyster shells and grit, bird seed, salt blocks, loose salt, dried meal worms, sunflower seeds, black oil – the list goes on and on. Come visit one of our locations to see what we have for your furry friends!

We also sell farm-fresh eggs, baby chicks and chickens.

the FEEDWAY Story

Investing in our Community

After working hard and succeeding in business in our area, The Feedway was born out of a desire to get closer to our roots and food sources while continuing to support wholesome community life.

Feeding the Horse

Our Stables
Management Team

Our management team is a group of experienced equine professionals and hard working, down to earth, get your hands dirty, entrepreneurs who believe in building worthwhile businesses and community.

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